Very early on, Conrad had a particular look at life, and at the "human" side of life. From school, he becomes aware that this form of education does not resonate in him, understanding that he carries knowledge and other truths about life in himself. He also understands that some of the proposed forms of general education do not allow the human being to move towards the deep "Self". He experiences duality and judgment. He leaves the school system very early to experience, for many years, the world of work and a way of thinking that is in his opinion, illusion, disunification, disunity and division where everything is comparison and identification with what is external to the Self. He learns along the way to listen, to trust his inner knowledge, but also to discover, perceive, understand and develop his perceptions, faculties and abilities. Things that, in his opinion, we all have from birth, because we are a pure and Divine consciousness, connected and United to the Universal Consciousness-Knowledge.

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  • 17/10/2020

Immersion Retreat© exceptional 7 days

  • - Available places : 29
  • - Starting date : 17/10/2020 at 16:30
  • - End date : 24/10/2020 at 17:30
  • - Style : Retraite
  • - Price : 480€