Immersion Retreat© exceptional 7 days

  • Training capacity : 40 places
  • Starting date : 17/10/2020 at 16:30
  • End date : 24/10/2020 at 17:30
  • Reception date : 17/10/2020 at 14:00
  • Style : Retraite
  • Price : 480€


At the Immersion Retreats©, Conrad shares the essence of who he is, in the greatest Simplicity. 

In these retreats, we live at the rhythm of simplicity and above all of mindfulness, oh so essential in this journey towards oneself in these times of change.

The Immersion Retreat© invites us to touch the vibration of Being, to dive into the Heart of Self and evolve in a space outside of time. It is also to get out of the habits and the illusion of the educational, social, cultural and religious conditioning. Conrad's energy and the right verb help us to go to the essential and invite us to discover, feel, find and live our true, deep, primordial nature, our true essence, as a rebirth that we are proposed to live, as a liberation, allowing us to manifest more Peace and love for ourselves and for all. Conrad shares with us his teachings, and can evoke in depth various themes such as: being fully in the present moment, and in presence of oneself, learning to decondition oneself, listening to one's body, to one's feelings, to one's guidance, to one's functioning.

He can also talk about many subjects such as food, conscious walking, breathing, altruism, compassion, humility, being at true service, etc... He also discusses how to find a state of simplicity, authenticity, peace and serenity, and much more.

This time of immersion allows a "death" of illusion, and a true rebirth to the Self.

Conrad invites us, through his wisdom, to return to our "Inner Temple", as he likes to call it, and to find the SAGE who is in each of us. So, in this invitation, we detach ourselves from the beliefs that still limit us, from what we think we are, in order to see the Sacred in everything, including and even more so, in ourselves, in the other, and in all that is.

The Immersion Retreat© is a unique moment, an invitation to remember who we are, to rediscover our nobility, to see the Sacred in ourselves and around us, to deposit our conscience and to have a pure, unified and non-judgmental look at the truth that we are.

The Immersion Retreat© is an invitation to rediscover and see the Sacred in oneself and around oneself. It is a return to true Love.

The days can be punctuated, among other things, with teachings, guidance, moments of exchange and interactive sharing, questions and answers, deep awareness, meditative states, connections, depending on the energy of the moment.

The moments of silence are also part of great moments of integration of great depth leading us towards certain transformations.

No "program" is determined in advance because Conrad wishes to remain in the spontaneity of the present moment. He also invites us to understand that a title or a summary in a few lines would be limiting and would be little to describe what is really lived during these Immersion Retreat©.

Over the years, many people have been able to feel Conrad's energy, radiance, "presence" through retreats, conferences, videos, etc... and have experienced many transformations through his contact.


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