1. Go to "My account" and choose "create an account".
  2. Fill in the details + nickname and validate.
  3. For the pseudo thank you to choose your first name or your name.

  1. Go to " Program " and click on " details " of the internship I am interested in.
  2. Choose " I register " and choose a type of accommodation and board then proceed to the payment.

  1. Go to " Program " and click on " details " of the internship I am interested in.
  2. Choose "Register as a group" and enter the contact details and email address of each person, validating each time for each person. The email addresses of each person must be different for the person to be taken into account. 
  3. Choose a type of accommodation and board and then proceed to the payment. All persons will be grouped in the same room.

  1. Go to " Program " and click on " details " of the internship I am interested in.
  2. Choose " I register " and choose " Ext Accommodation " with the type of boarding and then proceed to the payment.

  1. Click on the individual room photo if it is not grayed out.
  2. Otherwise choose a room with two beds and the option "privatize"
  3. When the weeks are very busy the option "privatize a room" is not always available. Thank you for your understanding.

This is the new operation in connection with the new website like most online booking sites.
There are other places and organizations that ask to pay the balance upstream online and that do not necessarily reimburse in case of cancellation. Some people suggest that you take out insurance for this.
It is a new habit to take for people who come to our place. We hope this does not bother you too much and thank you for your understanding.

In the event of your cancellation:

- More than two months before the course is held, you will be reimbursed in full;

- Less than two months (included) before the course, we keep 30% of your payment and refund the balance to you.

Your invoice is available in your personal space in the "my account" section. It recapitulates what you paid for the hosting.
It may also show part of your payment for the course when we collect on behalf of the instructor.
For the part concerning the instructor, please contact him/her directly.

  1. Go through the volunteer section of our website.
  2. Choose one of the proposed periods or propose a period of your choice.

Your financial assistance is very precious to help us maintain our activities, you can make a donation to the Presence account to yourself and the world:

IBAN FR76 4255 9100 0008 0135 4375 131

We cannot give you a tax receipt because we are not considered to be in the general interest ...

Toutetois is the case if you go through the endowment fund in creation "ADVAITA". See "How to support the ADVAITA endowment fund".

We are in the process of creating an Endowment Fund called ADVAÏTA dedicated to the PROTECTION OF NATURE and the EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

You can now support this fund by making a donation that will benefit from a tax receipt of up to 66% for individuals and 60% for businesses.

For that, please send a check to Présence à soi et au monde, Rt de St Agrève, Le Grail, 07320 Devesset with the following order:

Endowment fund in creation ADVAÏTA. You can also contact Raphaël on 06 70 82 34 04.

Please go through the "contact" section, specifying the dates you are interested in, the type of room with the surface area, the number of people expected and the type of pension.

The easiest way is to go through the train station of St Etienne Château-Creux and take the local bus which will take you to St Agrève. It is the line 37 :
Then a person from the place where you will be staying will come and pick you up, it's 5 km by car.

You can also go through Valence but it is more complicated, you will have to take a bus to Tournon and then a bus to St Agrève. Here are the links:

Only your bathroom linen

We're in the middle of the mountains. There may be snow. It is preferable to have special equipment and to consult the weather forecast before your departure.
For the last few years, the snow periods have been in the first fortnight of November and between mid-January and mid-March.
In 2020 there was almost no snow.