Meditation Internship: Integrative Mindfulness

  • Training capacity : 15 places
  • Starting date : 02/08/2020 at 18:30
  • End date : 08/08/2020 at 14:00
  • Reception date : 02/08/2020 at 14:30
  • Style : Stage
  • Price : 380€


This 5-day seminar is an invitation to discover and deepen Full Consciousness.
The body dimension will have a privileged place through the practices of Qi Gong, Kashmir Yoga and practices in the wilderness.
The meditative practice, an integrative approach of feminine and masculine principles
: focused attention and openness, mind and sensitivity, strength and gentleness, perseverance and grace, right action and consciousness, discernment and intuition, wisdom and benevolence - all these are ways of integrating pairs of opposites.  

  • To free ourselves from the stereotypes of "ready-made meditation" : to make our meditation practice singular and creative.
  • Self-accompaniment in the practice of meditation : a particular methodology throughout the course to allow each person to continue the practice in an autonomous and sustainable way.
  • Contribute to the development of an eco-spirituality : practices will take place in the wilderness in order to re-establish and deepen an alliance with Mother Earth.  

Marc Scialom Trained with Jean Klein, Jack Kornfield, Jean Gortais (K.F. Dürckheim), Nisargadatta. Psychotherapist he teaches Mindfulness, Kashmir Yoga, Tai Chi since 1985, he directs Synergy NLP and trains in Humanistic NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Systemic Analysis since 1991.

Tel: 06 07 96 19 08

It proposes an integrative approach whose intention is to link sensitivity and discernment, heart and mind, gentleness and rigour, non-judgment and authenticity, group harmony and the space to be oneself, Energy and Consciousness.

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