Emilie Paquien

Untiring explorer of the body and breath, for 15 years, life has guided me in a triangle that revolves around Walking, yoga and artistic creation. It was the breath in the walk that opened the doors of yoga to me. Since then, under the guidance of Lola Mallein and Claude Maréchal, himself a direct student of Sir Krishnamacharia, I have pursued an in-depth training in the Viniyoga approach. I also trained with William Schaller in the Rev' Hup therapeutic accompaniment method, another benevolent way to guide the human being towards his deep nature. As a mountain guide since 2010, I have been accompanying people in the immensity of the peaks. I saw its beauty, its greatness and its fragility too. It is the fruit of all this experience that I propose to share with you in the stays and stages of the breath of the peaks.

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