Christine Marguier

Since 1990 I have been following the teaching: "Le Corps Centrale d'Energie" with Marie-France O'Leary: Self-knowledge, Body therapy, decoding emotions, path of Awareness and creative process.  

Dancer: My passion for dance began as a teenager with the balls of the Haut Doubs, then the contact-improvisation with Lulla Chourlin, Contemporary Dance with Marie-Hélène Desmaris, Bernard Menaut, Dominique Sylvain, C.A.F.E.D. and occasional workshops with Claude Brumachon, Leela Alaniz, Laura Sheleen, Deborah Hay, Carlo Locatelli and Yutaka Takei.

Since 1998, I have been leading Creative Dance workshops, my approach has evolved with my personal journey, dance and care are my passions that I bring together to set in motion at the heart of myself the process of healing and creation. Dance is a wonderful language for creating sharing, joy of living and meeting oneself and others.

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